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The features of energy-saving windows and doors that made of thermal insulation profiles
- 2017-12-26 15:21 -
This energy-saving windows and doors are made of thermal insulation profiles, its inner and outer layer is made of aluminum alloy profiles, the middle layer shaped like a thermal bridge by low thermal conductivity of non-metallic insulation material. The traditional aluminum alloy has a high thermal conductivity, a poor insulation but the product is monotonous , to solve this problem, thermal insulation profiles are applied to the new generation of aluminum energy-saving windows and doors.

Here are the main advantages of this new energy-saving windows and doors
1. energy saving and antisweat
Its thermal conductivity is below 3.0, prevent the heat conduction from inside or outside effectively, can save more than 45% of energy, in addition , the inside surface temperature is close to room temperature, it vastly reduce the condensation phenomenon.
2. environmental and snug
The multi cavity structure that using different thickness of insulating glass and insulating aluminum profiles reduce the reduce the resonance effect from sound waves effectively, it prevent the delivery of sound and create a peaseful and comfortable environment. At the same time it can saving energy, can reduce the usage frequency of air conditioning and heating equipment.
3. good watertight and tightness
This new energy saving windows and doors are adopted the weatherproof design, its wind resistance and tightness can reach to level 1, and the watertight can reach to level 1 to 3.
4. good decorative performance
Different surface treatments are used in thermal insulation profiles, use different color to decorate different styles of buildings.
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