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The first choice for catamaran material- Mingtai 6061 aluminum sheet
- 2017-10-23 09:30 -
Catamaran is more than the two slender ship hull of transverse together connected, a bridge deck is connections between hull, each has its independent driving device. Because 2 boat transverse connections together, can withstand larger wind and waves on the sea, is not easy to capsize. At high speed, two more slender can greatly reduce the resistance of ship hull. And with the tonnage the total width is bigger, has the high transport efficiency, common in sports and entertainment in ship design.

The width of the catamaran is much bigger than monohull, its stability was better than monohull, and has the ability to bear big waves; Catamaran is not only has good maneuverability, but also has a resistance peak is not obvious, large loading capacity, etc. Compared with the same vessel tonnage of the monomer, the total width of catamaran is larger, and therefore tend to have larger deck area and cabin capacity, especially suitable for loading the goods volume is very big and small weight of low density, can have high transport efficiency. The single hull is divided into two, can make each hull more slender, which could decrease the wave resistance of the boat, especially at high speed, the wave-making resistance is greatly reduced.
Use two slender ship power catamaran, most cooperate turbojet engine driven, in the form of injection water, put the water into the ship quickly after, according to the Newton's third law, can obtain huge forward propulsion (reaction), than the ordinary screw drive more quickly, and at high speed, more elongated hull resistance can be reduced to a sharply. High-speed catamaran has more stable, less water resistance, lighter, not easy to capsize, etc.
Aluminum alloy light weight, strong mechanical properties and anticorrosive characteristics for aluminum alloy is widely used in the construction of a catamaran, produced by mingtai aluminum 6061 aluminum sheet  but also the ideal material of build catamaran preferred.