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The first choice for high quality aerospace aluminum alloy
- 2017-07-21 09:15 -
Aerospace aluminum is an ultra-high strength deformation of aluminum alloy, is currently widely used in the aviation industry. It has good mechanical and processing performance, good solution after the plastic treatment, heat treatment to strengthen the effect is good, generally at 150 ℃ (or even higher) below the high strength, good toughness, is the ideal structural materials. In addition, aviation aluminum light weight, light weight effect is significant, has replaced steel and occupy the leading position of the current aviation materials. Aviation equipment on the aluminum requirements are higher, is an important high-end aluminum application market.
Today's world aviation aircraft structure with aluminum is mainly (3024,2017,2A12, etc.) and ultra-high strength of the 7 series (7075,7475,7050,7A04, etc.), in addition to some of the 5 series (5A06), the United States and the United States, , 5052, 5086, etc.) And 6 series (6061,6082, etc.) and a small amount of other series of aluminum. Mingtai Aluminum offers you a full range of aluminum alloy products for aerospace.
2-series aluminum alloy including 2a12 aluminum , 2017 aluminum and 2024 aluminum is Al-Cu-Mg alloy, known as high-strength hard aluminum, is the most widely used aluminum aerospace. 2 series of aluminum alloy tensile strength of 400 ~ 500 MPa, heat resistance, fatigue resistance, especially anti-fatigue crack expansion than the 7 series of good.

5 series aluminum alloy including 5a06 aluminum , 5052 aluminum , 5086 aluminum and 5083 aluminum is Al-Mg series of anti-rust aluminum alloy, the main features of low density, high tensile strength, high elongation. In the same area under the weight of aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than other series, it is commonly used in aviation, ship, in the conventional industry is also more widely used.
6 alloy aluminum alloy including 6061 aluminum , 6063 aluminum and 6082 aluminum Al-Mg-Si high plasticity alloy, alloy with moderate strength, high corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency, good welding performance, forming ability is better and has good process performance. It is widely used in construction profiles, vehicles, aviation, lifts, fences and other fields.
7-type aluminum alloy including 7075 aluminum, 7050 aluminum, 7a04 aluminum and 7005 aluminum  is Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy, this alloy has a high specific strength and hardness, good corrosion resistance and high toughness, excellent processing performance, in a large aircraft has a wide range application.