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The first choice for pharmaceutical packaging - Mingtai 8021 aluminum foil
- 2017-11-23 10:35 -
Pharmaceutical aluminum foil has become a high value-added products, because it is used to packaging drugs, so the national standards are also rising, which has a higher demand for production technology.
As a new way of drug packaging,8021  pharmaceutical aluminum foil is more and more popular in people's daily life.
Aluminum foil has been used for more than 60 years in foreign countries, compared with developed countries, China's packaging aluminum is still at a relatively low level. According to media reports in the field of pharmaceutical packaging estimated that the proportion of the annual increase of 2% this year, in the packaging demand growth rate will reach 30.9%, which we considered pharmaceutical aluminum demand growth this year, pharmaceutical aluminum demand is 93 thousand and 400 tons.

8021 Aluminum foil is the main product of packaging aluminum. Packaging aluminum has good oxidation resistance, aluminum foil surface will form a layer of dense oxide film, can be very good to prevent contact with oxygen, has good corrosion resistance, so as to ensure the integrity of the drug. Aluminum foil is currently widely used in pharmaceutical packaging products.
A further advantage of using aluminum foil for drug packaging, is to make the drug particles between using independent packaging, open, and shall not affect the other drugs, good to ensure the efficacy of the drug. The medicinal aluminum foil can be widely used in the packaging of various kinds of medicine capsules, tablets and granules after being compounded, printed and coated.
With the technology update and market expansion, Ming Thai pharmaceutical foil will usher in a broader market opportunities, Ming Tai aluminum foil will continue to progress and sustainable development for the domestic pharmaceutical market to add brilliant aluminum.