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The hard anodizing of aluminum products
- 2018-01-09 13:37 -
The aims of hard anodizing is to improve the whole performance of aluminum products, it include tarnish resistance, wearing resistance, weatherability, insulativity and so on. Hard anodizing process is applied to wrought aluminum alloy, as well as the die casting aluminum alloy parts.
The hardness of hard oxide film is very high, its higher thickness can reach to 250 microns, so it is also known as thick film oxidation, but the thickness is obvious reduce when it applied in pure aluminum. After the hard anodizing process, the abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance of aluminum products have improved greatly, as well as the resistance of hard film is increased, with a film thickness of 100 microns, a thermal conductivity 67KW(M.K). Especially in atmospheric and marine climate, the aluminum products that processed by hard anodizing has an excellent corrosion resistance.
Processed parts are not allowed to have any sharp angle and glitch, the electric current like to concentrated in angular place, so it easy to make partial place overheat, and the components will burned. After hard anodizing, the smooth finish of components will change a litter bit, for those components with a rough surface, it will looks a bit smoother than the original surface, but for the components with a good smooth finish, the smooth finish will increased after hard anodizing.
The aluminum sheet that processed by hard anodizing has a wide range of application because its characteristic, it widely used in some aluminum components that has a high requirement in heat resistant, wear resistant and insulativity, such as pistons, cylinders, bearings, hydroelectric equipment impeller and so on.