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The new application of aluminum alloy for mouse pad
- 2017-09-21 09:01 -
Mouse pad has become necessity of digital products, the market mouse pad product variety greatly, according to the use of different materials with cloth mouse pad, plastic material mouse pad, glass material mouse pad, synthetic material mouse pad.

In addition to the above categories, there is a metal material mouse pad, main aluminum-based. If you are in the impression that the mouse pad is the kind of soft, then the aluminum pad of the mouse pad will make you have a refreshing feeling.
Aluminum sheet mouse pad to subvert the mouse pad the traditional impression of the product, the use of aluminum alloy material forming, the use of the top sandblasting oxidation technology - after a punching, two oxidation treatment, two high-light processing, ergonomic design and reference The world's advanced optical reflective design technology, so that the optical mouse light source faster and more accurate reflection back to the mouse photoelectric sensor, shorten the mouse sensor response time; the bottom is equipped with high temperature and high pressure pressure natural rubber anti-skid pad to solve the ordinary mouse pad in the strong use Will move the shortcomings, effectively prevent the mouse pad sliding.
Different from the ordinary material mouse pad, the special treatment of the surface, and its own characteristics of aluminum metal makes the aluminum alloy pad with high flatness, smooth sense of strong, easy to clean and other advantages. Perhaps it can give you more creative inspiration, design inspiration or creative inspiration.