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The over-burning of aluminum alloys
- 2018-03-20 15:16 -
When the heating temperature is higher than the melting point of the eutectic, it will remelt the eutectic and grain boundary, and this phenomenon called over-burning. Photomicrograph of alloy overheating showes fraction grain boundary coarsening and melt-back delta at first, if aluminum alloys burns severely, its surface will start to darken, even bubbles.
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After the alloy over-burning, the low-melting eutectic remelts then solidifies on the grain boundary and matrix, which changes the state of close association before overheating, and it will causes the damage to alloys, it also has a serious impact on the mechanical properties, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance and other performances of the alloys. Owing to the over-burning aluminum alloys cannot be eliminated by heat treatment or processing, any over-burning ingots or profile is wasted.
Defensive measures:
1. strictly control the heat treatment temperature and holding time
2. regularly check the high-temperature meters and do not allow the use of unqualified or extended meters.
3. The temperature in the heat treatment furnace should be even, the charge have not oil pollution, with a reasonable placement.