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The performances and applications of 1070-O aluminum sheet
- 2018-01-08 11:19 -
We all know the series 1xxx aluminum product has a high content of aluminum element, and the aluminum content of 1070-O aluminum plate is reached more than 99.6%, also known as pure aluminum. 1070-O aluminum plate has a good extensibility, a high tensile strength and a high formability, it totally meets the requirements of conventional processing, is a kind of pure aluminum for industry.
1070-O aluminum plate has many advantages, such as a good plasticity, good corrosion-resistant, good conductivity and a good thermal conductivity, but a low intensity and a poor machinability, and 1070-O aluminum plate can not be strengthened by heat treatment. Therefore, 1070-O aluminum plate has a higher requirements of crafts and technology, but is acceptable for contact welding and gas welding.
1070-O aluminum plate has a high demand on surface, it need to processed by anodic oxidation treatment, painting and so on. Many manufacturers make some structural parts with specific performance according to the advantages of 1070-O aluminum plate, like the lampshade, wire, decorative panel, phone’s shell, etc.