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The production line for automotive aluminum sheet will put into operation in 2018
- 2017-12-25 14:38 -
In recent years, the global automobile industries are showing a trend of lightweight development under the pressure of energy conservation and fuel efficiency, so a upsurge in car aluminum sheet is in the making. China has been unable to produce aluminum alloy car sheet by its own, so Mingtai seize the market opportunities, working to develop this new technology. At present, Mingtai is able to produce the aluminum alloy sheet samples, and expected that it can be put into operation in 2018.
Aluminum has been used in automobile manufacturing for more than 100 years. Recently, car manufacturing began to make extensive use of aluminum materials, aluminum industrial giants in developed countries are now carrying out an unprecedented large-scale technical renovation on the production of automotive aluminum sheet, the new global capacity of automotive aluminum sheet will reach 2 million tons in 2017.
The principal of Mingtai Aluminum technology research department said:" compared to steel, the aluminum products has advantages in many aspects, such as transport efficiency, energy conservation, traffic safety and so on.
The density of aluminum alloy is less than steel, in the same volume, aluminum alloy is equivalent to 1/3 the weight of steel. It is estimated that each the weight loss of 100 kg, the fuel consumption of car can be reduced about 2%, as well as the power performance will be improved. With the same weight of aluminum alloy steel, the cost of aluminum alloy is higher than steel about a quarter, but the recycling rate of aluminum is much higher than that of steel, so the overall costs of aluminum alloy is still lower than steel in the long run.
Some people will worry about the safety of a car body that made of aluminum alloy, because the strength of aluminum is less than that of steel, and experts say this is a misunderstanding. According to professional test, aluminum has a very good energy absorption effect, so its safety factor is higher than that of steel when hit by other cars, in addition, aluminum alloy hood and other aluminum parts can reduce the second injury to the human body.