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The reason for shipbuilding with aluminum material
- 2017-09-04 09:31 -
The rapid development of science and technology, to people's lives has brought a lot of convenience. The ship as a water tool, ancient to have, in order to more adapt to the fast-paced, efficient modern life, the ship's structure and selection are constantly updating iterations, advancing with the times. Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of small specific gravity and elastic modulus, corrosion resistance, weldability, easy processing, non-magnetic and low temperature performance. It is widely used in shipbuilding, but there are many requirements for the selection of marine aluminum alloy.
1, marine aluminum alloy requires high specific strength and specific modulus
The yield strength and elastic modulus of the material are the basic parameters for the calculation of the strength of the ship and the determination of the structural dimensions. As a result of a variety of aluminum alloy elastic modulus and density are roughly the same, and add a small amount of alloying elements or change the heat treatment state of their impact is minimal, so within a certain range to improve the yield strength to reduce the weight of the ship structure is favorable, the general aluminum The density is about 2.7 ~ 2.8 / cm3, the elastic modulus is about 70 ~ 73GPa. But the high-strength aluminum alloy is usually difficult to have excellent corrosion resistance and solderability, so the ship is generally used with aluminum alloy medium-strength and corrosion resistance can be welded aluminum alloy, in addition to casting aluminum alloy in the field of ships also have a certain application.
2, marine aluminum alloy requires excellent welding performance
For the ship, the use of welded connections than the use of riveting connection has obvious advantages, so the welding connection method has been widely used in shipbuilding, basically replaced the riveting structure, the current construction of aluminum ships in the use of automatic argon welding method. Aluminum alloy with good weldability means that the aluminum alloy in the welding when the formation of cracks tend to be small, that is, aluminum alloy has a good welding crack resistance, and welding welding joint performance changes little. This is one of the important features of marine aluminum alloys that are different from other structures with aluminum because of the fact that they can not be restored by welding by means of reheating under the conditions of shipbuilding. The strength of AL-Zn-Mg and AL-Mg-Si alloys is obviously reduced, and the corrosion resistance of AL-Zn-Mg alloys is poor. Therefore, the two alloys are limited when they are used as welding materials The The AL-Mg alloy is no such drawbacks. AL-Zn-Mg alloy is mainly used for post-weld heat treatment of components (such as torpedo shell), AL-Mg-Si alloy is mainly used for profiles.
3, marine aluminum alloy requires excellent corrosion resistance
The ship structure is used in harsh sea water and marine environments, so whether the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is one of the main signs of whether it can be used as a marine aluminum alloy. Generally require marine aluminum matrix and welded joints in the sea water and marine environment without stress corrosion, peeling corrosion and intergranular corrosion tendencies; to avoid contact with corrosion, crevice corrosion and marine adhesion corrosion; allow a small uniform corrosion and point corrosion.
4, marine aluminum alloy requires a good cold, thermoforming performance
The ship is subjected to cold working (such as hemming, curling, roll bending, stamping, etc.) during the construction process and thermal processing (eg, hot bending, fire, orthopedic, etc.). So the requirements of marine aluminum alloy easy to shape, the processing does not produce cracks and other defects, after processing can still meet the strength, corrosion resistance and other performance requirements.
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