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The relation between aluminum alloys and film forming speed
- 2018-02-10 14:29 -
The quality of aluminum profile can be distinguished in the corrosion of alkali, if there has overmuch cinereous or red film on aluminum profile surface after the corrosion testing by alkali, it shows that this aluminum profile contains a high contents of silicon element or copper element.
mingtai aluminum sheet of high quality
For this kind of aluminum profile, we must shorten the time of film chemical conversion, otherwise, the layer of film is difficult to meets the conductive requirements. Therefore, the film conversion time of must depend on the aluminum profiles during the oxidation, and also need us to pay attention is different types of aluminum profiles are not allowed to put together, so as not to affect their oxidation time.
Different model of aluminum profile has different oxide film, even a different luster after conductive chemical conversion treatment. In general, the higher the purity of aluminum, the slower the film deposition rate.