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The rinsing technique of aluminum profile
- 2017-12-29 14:13 -
The maintenance and management of chemical reaction solution is very important on surface pretreatment, as well as the rinsing technique play an important role, because it may cause some problem in the product quality and production lines of surface pretreatment.
Here are some meanings of rinsing technique
1. Rinsing technique can avoid cross-contamination of reaction solution. Carry out the washing operations before the next process, in order to will not mixed the medicine from the previous step into the next step(if the medicine of previous step will not affect the next step, the rinsing technique could be simplify).
2. The requirements of product quality. It will affect products performance and value when there are some solution still remains on surface, so we need to rinsing to ensure the aluminu profile is clean.
3. Rinsing technology also influence the drugs consumption. If the aluminum profile entre the alkaline etching channel with residual acidic degreasing solution, and then entre the neutralize channel repeatedly, it will decreasing every channel’s concentration eventually, and generate a large number of suspended solids or sediment, increasing the drugs consumption and declining its effect.
As well as it can saving water, the new rinsing technique improve the efficacy, it is not so waste water as the traditional rinsing technique.