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The significance of 5052 aluminum sheet chemical polishing
- 2017-12-28 16:59 -
The  chemical polishing makes the 5052 aluminum sheet surface more flat and smooth, and it can remove the minor mold marks and scratches.
Chemical polishing solution of aluminum or aluminum alloys is a kind of solution that contents 70% (by mass) phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid and sulfuric acid are commonly used in  chemical polishing. The nitric acid concentration has a significant impact on the quality of the chemical polishing. The gloss of polished surface is not so good and it may deposit a thicker layer of copper when the nitric acid concentration is too low; but when the nitric acid concentration too high, it will cause some corrosion dots. The acetic acid can inhibit the corrosion dots, and makes the polishing surface uniform and detailed. A small amount of copper ions can prevent over-corrosion,  thereby improve the uniformity of polished surface, but excess copper will reduce the reflective ability.
Chemical polishing can removes rubbing streaks, heat-deformable layers, oxide film layers and so on, and makes the rough appearance more smooth, as well as enhance the reflective performance of 5052 aluminum sheet.