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Three environmental factors that makes hardware eroded
- 2017-12-27 16:39 -
The hardware of doors or windows has a good rotproofness, but sometimes the air or climate will has a  pernicious influence on aluminum sheet hardware, it mainly reflected in the air humidity, ambient temperature and air pollution.
1. air humidity
If aluminum hardware are exposed to a moist air in the long term, the moisture in the air will coalesced into water droplets, thus form a kind of corrosive primary cell in hardware surface, and accelerate the electrolytic corrosion. Air humidity is a main incentive for corrosion, there will form a layer of water film when the air humidity reaches a certain marginal value, under these circumstances, the corrosion is inevitable. We need to keep the doors and windows dry, wipe the doors and windows frequently, as well as the ventilation of the indoor environment is especially important.
2. temperature
In the hot summer, the temperature will accelerate the corrosion of aluminum doors and windows hardware. The greater the temperature difference between day and night was, the more the water vapor coagulated, and further accelerate the corrosion. Generally speaking, the condensation phenomenon will arise if the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 6 ℃ (temperature in the range of  5 ℃ - 50 ℃) and the relative humidity reaches to 65% -75%.
3. air pollution
In a bad weather, the air is full of PM2.5, sulfide and corrosive media, and this acid-base of substances will adsorbed on aluminum hardware and then erode, in addition, the acid rain is the death warrant for aluminum hardware. Apart from the acid and alkali corrosion, the toner particles and mineral powder in the air also can cause electrolytic corrosion.
We need to do a preservative work in daily life, ensure the doors and windows are clean and dry, so that to extended their service life.