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What advantages of aluminum alloy analysis meter has?
- 2018-02-26 14:05 -
With the continuous improvement of science and technology, the element analysis has entered many industry field, but most of people are hard to access the analysis meter except for the professionals. The  analysis meter that made of aluminum alloys has a wider range of application in life and industry, let’s see what difference that the aluminum alloy analysis meter has?
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1. uncomplicated design
All this type of the aluminum alloy analysis meter is handheld, with a volume of 245*250*88mm, and a weight of 1.6kg, it is very convenient. The aluminum alloy analysis meter chiefly consists of gun mouth, handle and aluminum metal shell, it also uses the battery as a power source, thus the equipment is not afraid the outdoor situation of power outages or unable to connect the power.

2. able to detect aluminum alloy element and other elements
The aluminum alloy analysis meter has a wide range of application because it can detect the aluminum alloy elements. However, many people think that aluminum analysis meter can detect nothing but aluminum element, in fact, the aluminum alloy analysis meter not only can detect aluminum element, but also can detect the steel, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, dock, manganese and other elements. With a high detection speed, wireless transmission of data and a high detection accuracy, the aluminum analysis meter has become one of the most popular instruments among people.