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What is the difference between cold rolled aluminum and hot rolled aluminum
- 2017-09-05 09:09 -
Aluminum alloys used in different areas of use are not the same treatment process, aluminum alloy after treatment will have a higher strength and hardness and elongation, cold rolling and hot rolling is a commonly used treatment process, but they have a lot of the difference.

There are four main points:
1, the production process is different: cold rolling is a casting machine into a casting roll (8mm thickness) through the cold rolling mill processing, and hot rolling is an aluminum ingot (400-500mm thickness) heating, at high temperature by Hot rolling mill rolling;
2, the raw material supply is different: the difference between the two in the blank supply is not the same, hot-rolled billet is casting aluminum ingots - heating - rolling into the volume for cold rolling, cold rolled billet is the casting and rolling - cold rolling;
3, different performance: hot-rolled aluminum plate surface quality is good, while mechanical properties and ductility performance is strong, the oxidation effect is good, while processing aluminum discs are generally processed from aluminum, naturally also received the impact of aluminum performance;
4, use different cold-rolled aluminum used for mold, hot-rolled aluminum plate for stamping stretch.
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