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What is the difference between steel windows and aluminum windows
- 2017-09-07 09:24 -
It has been a long time for aluminum alloy in the construction application , in recent years, broken steel has a greater development of aluminum, the doors and windows of its production of the most prominent advantage is good rigidity, super hardness, fire resistance, long life, Construction windows, mid-range home decoration of the preferred products. So what is the difference between steel windows and aluminum windows?
The difference between steel windows and aluminum windows:
Plastic window
Advantages: not only beautiful and durable, and the lowest thermal conductivity. In terms of energy saving is far better than wooden windows, iron windows and aluminum windows, is the most effective means of sealing. Ordinary steel prices affordable, economical and practical. High-grade plastic window insulation, anti-aging appearance is not easy to deformation.
Disadvantages: sealing, safety, anti-theft and its ventilation quality is not satisfactory. The reason is the lack of supporting the use of high quality stainless steel materials, resulting in the current high-grade profiles supporting low-grade hardware of the disharmony state, and plastic (PVC) can not be degraded, waste plastic window is difficult to deal with, adverse environmental protection. There is a gap easy to rust, slightly worse sound insulation, ordinary plastic windows easy to deformation, such as high-end imports of expensive, thousands of dollars per square meter.

Aluminum window
1. Corrosion resistance, fire resistance, long service life (50 - 100 years), after retirement can also be high recovery and reuse, without any pollution.
2. Rich in color. Aluminum inside and outside the surface can be different colors, different patterns.
3. High-grade broken bridge aluminum alloy can not only heat, can also be cold.
4. Light material, high strength, long service life, good fire performance, good lighting performance.
But the plastic window and aluminum window price comparison: the price of aluminum doors and windows higher than the steel doors and windows, the use of steel windows is still relatively common.
Aluminum alloy window from the material based on technical parameters, steel doors and windows in addition to steel core is the main component of PVC material, under the same conditions, the material heat resistance, PVC material is thousands of times the aluminum material. Plastic doors and windows as long as it is to meet the national standard of formal products, will certainly be able to achieve the desired insulation effect. Aluminum alloy is relatively poor, but in recent years there have been broken bridge aluminum technology, broken bridge color aluminum alloy doors and windows are two different sections through the combination of energy-saving insulation, its main role is to make the heat transfer channel open to prevent Hot and cold conduction quickly, so broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows in the manufacture of often used. Therefore, the aluminum alloy doors and windows in the manufacture will have greater development.