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Which kind of state of 3003 aluminum sheet is much harder between h14 and h24
- 2018-11-01 10:11 -
In theory, 3003 aluminum sheet has the same hardness in the two different state, but they are different in the achieving method to the state point.
1, Subdivision status of “H”
Adding two digits of Arabic (referred to as the HXX state) or three Arabic numerals (called the HXXX state) after the letter H represents the subdivided state of H.
2, The first digit after H represents the basic handler for this state, as shown below:
  H1—Simple work hardening treatment state. Applicable to the condition that the required strength is obtained only after work hardening without additional heat treatment.
    H2 - Work-hardened and incompletely annealed state. It is applicable to products whose work hardening degree exceeds the requirements of the finished product, and after incomplete annealing, reduces the strength to the specified index. For natural aged alloys softened at room temperature, H2 has the same minimum ultimate tensile strength as the corresponding H3; for other alloys, H2 has the same minimum ultimate tensile strength as the corresponding H1, but the elongation is slightly higher than H1. .
    H3—The state of work hardening and stabilization treatment. It is suitable for products whose mechanical properties have been stabilized after heat treatment or heat treatment during processing. The H3 state is only applicable to alloys that gradually soften (until stabilised) at room temperature.
H4—The state of work hardening and painting. Applicable to work-hardening, paint treatment leads to incompletely annealed products.

3,The second digit after H indicates the degree of work hardening of the product. The number 8 indicates a hard state. The minimum tensile strength value of HX8 is normally specified by the sum of the minimum tensile strength of the O-state and the strength difference specified in Table 2. For the states between O (annealing) and HX8 states, the numbers from 1 to 7 should be added after the HX code, respectively. Adding the number 9 after HX represents a superhard state with a greater degree of work hardening than HX8. HXX subdivision status code and corresponding degree of work hardening
So have you had a better understanding of this two status of 3003 aluminum sheet? Any more question: welcome to inquiry: 0371-67898708.