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Wholesale 5052 aluminum sheet with factory price
- 2018-03-22 15:25 -
5052 aluminum sheet belongs to Al-Mg alloy, is one of the widely used rust-proof aluminum sheet. 5052 aluminum sheet has high anti-fatigue strength, high plasticity and good corrosion resistance, it is sturdy and durable, and 5052 aluminum plate can not be strengthened by heat treatment.
5052 aluminum sheet
5052 aluminum sheet is widely used for aircraft fuel tanks, tubing, sheet metal parts for transportation vehicles and ships, instrumentation, street lamp brackets and rivets, hardware, etc. 5052 aluminum sheet is also used for the low load parts that working in liquid or gaseous media, with high plasticity and good weldability, such as  gasoline or lube conduit, various liquid containers, etc.
Mingtai Aluminum has 4 large production base, with a total area of 1.3milliom square meter, a rich production experience over 20 years, a variety of advanced production equipment.
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