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Why does 6061 t6 aluminum is the the most popular in the market
- 2018-11-01 10:15 -
6061T6 aluminum sheet, as a heat treatable aluminum plate, has strong plasticity. It plays an important role in mold making, aluminum bodywork and so on. Therefore, analyzing the characters of 6061 t6 aluminum alloy is necessary for the aluminum industry in the lightweight development.

First, the national standard elements of 6061 t6 aluminum sheet produced by Mingtai aluminum:
SI0.4-0.8, FE0.7, CU0.15-0.4, MN0.15, MG0.8-1.2CR0.04-0.35, ZN0.25 TI0.15.AL is the margin. From the perspective of its composition, MG and SI elements account for a relatively large proportion, so the 6061T6 aluminum plate is determined from the composition to have a better rust prevention effect and a stronger hardness. Although the MG content is not as high as that of the 5083 aluminum plate, the 6061 alloy aluminum sheet is used as a heat-treatable aluminum plate and is processed into a T4 or T6 state by rapid quenching at a high temperature. Hardness will rise sharply. In mold cutting, numerical control panels and other practical applications will have a relatively high strength.
Second, 6061T6 aluminum sheet of Mingtai aluminum also has higher tensile strength in terms of performance, greater than or equal to 290. The elongation after fracture shows an increasing trend with increasing thickness. The yield strength is not less than 240 and the HV hardness is above 95 degrees.
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