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Wide market application of 5182 automotive aluminum
- 2018-04-10 09:39 -
Lightweighting of automobiles is one of the development directions of the future automobile industry, especially for new energy vehicles with rapid development. Nowadays, the reduction of weight directly means the increase of cruising range. Studies have shown that for pure electric vehicles, the vehicle weight is reduced by 10kg and the driving range can be increased by 2.5km.
At the same time, foreign giants including BMW, Toyota, Tesla and others are also working on the lightweighting of automobiles. As one of the pioneers in the lightweighting of automobiles, BMW has gradually adopted carbon fiber and aluminum alloys after i3 and i8. Mostly applied to new models. The sixth-generation BMW 7 Series launched in 2015 was the first to combine carbon fiber composite materials with steel, aluminum and plastics, resulting in a successful weight loss of 40 kilograms in this generation of the 7-series white body.

Tesla, the pioneer of the world's pure electric vehicles, has long begun to explore on the road to lightweighting automobiles. The body of its iconic Model S uses a lot of aluminum alloys, and the aluminum alloy components and steel components are linked by special welding technology.
In fact, aluminum alloys have already achieved some applications on trucks and buses. At present, there are many applications of aluminum alloy castings and profiles in automobiles, but the most concerned is the plates. ABS sheet is the abbreviation of Auto Body Sheet, which can be abbreviated as ABS. It is used exclusively for sheet metal stamping of passenger cars. It is the highest production and technical panel and strip with a thickness of 0.8. Mm~1.8mm, width is usually 800mm~2200mm.
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