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Calculate method of aluminum sheet weight
- 2018-11-01 10:10 -
With the lightweight development, aluminum sheet ally has becoming more and more popular in the market with wide applications. However, do you know the calculate method of aluminum sheet weight? Do you want to know what the weight of your aluminum sheet you buy is? Mingtai aluminum will give you the answer.

Aluminum sheet weight = aluminum sheet thickness * width*length*density
For example: if the aluminum sheet specification is 72.8m (length)*38.0m(width)*3.0mm(thickness), then aluminum sheet weight=72.8*38.0*3.0(mm3)*2.71g=22.4908g=0.0225kg
So, this is also why the manufacturer of want to make out the specification of your demand you want to buy. Different specifications have different weights, which is related to the aluminum sheet prices, in that, aluminum prices is quoted according to the specifications and quantities.
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