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matters needing attention for the use of colorful aluminum sheet
- 2018-01-04 15:19 -
Aluminum alloy sheet added a variety of alloying elements during the processing process, the main elements are copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc and manganese, it aims to improve the mechanical properties and chemical indicators. Many manufacturers spraying the aluminum alloy with a variety of colors, for meet the needs of customers. All the products needs to maintain in daily life, in order to extend their service life, so here are some matters needing attention for the use of colorful aluminum sheet.
1. Use aluminum sheet at a normal temperatures, the temperature can not be overheated or too cold.
2. Check and make sure the aluminum sheet does not damaged before installation, the most important is make sure its proper functioning, only in a normal circumstances can ensure the use of life.
3. Bolt head for fix aluminum sheet must sealed with waterproof material, prevent rainwater from entering, because the rainwater will oxidize the aluminum sheet.
4.The ambient temperature must control at 7℃ above. According to the thickness of the colorful aluminum sheet to adjust the roller distance, and clean the foreign body on roller surface or pallet; at the same time, to check whether the colorful aluminum sheet is depainted, if aluminum sheet depainting, we should find out the reason and fix it, then continue process.