aluminum alloy suppliers and manufacturer

aluminum alloy suppliers and manufacturer

5052 aluminum alloy sheet use: automotive aluminum alloy, 3C products, computer brackets, high-end curtain wall panels, high-end oxide materials, cans / covers, shutters, trolley cases, aluminum furniture, door panels / door handles, signs, decoration .

5052 aluminum alloy thick plate use: silo, flange material, GIS shell, yacht, underwear mold / shoe mold, gas cylinder, precision machining etc.

Application of 5052 h32 aluminum plate in the field of automotive aluminum: automotive engine outer panels, trunk panels for buses, non-slip decorative panels for buses, aluminum panels for automotive fuel tanks, etc.

aluminum alloy sheet plate Status of aluminum plate

“F”: Free machining state Applicable to products that have no special requirements for work hardening and heat treatment conditions during the forming process, and the mechanical properties of products in this state are not specified

“O”: Annealed state Suitable for processed products with strength obtained by complete annealing

“H”: Work-hardened state Used for products whose work strength is increased by work hardening. After work hardening, the product may or may not undergo additional heat treatment to reduce its strength. Must be followed by two or three Arabic numerals

“W”: solid solution heat treatment state An unstable state, applicable only to alloys that naturally age at room temperature after solution heat treatment. This state code only indicates that the product is in the natural ageing stage.

“T”: heat treatment state (different from F, O, H) Applicable to products that have reached a stable state after (or without) work hardening after heat treatment. One or more Arabic numerals must follow the T code.

6061 Aluminum Tread Plate (3)
6061 Aluminum Tread Plate (3)

Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality aluminum alloy manufacturer from China. It has 23 years of production history and can produce 1-8 series aluminum sheet plate or foils for various uses. The product quality is guaranteed and the reputation is trustworthy.

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