Good price aluminum foil products

Good price aluminum foil products

Due to its excellent properties, aluminum foil products are widely used in food, beverages, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, photographic substrates, household daily necessities, etc., and are commonly used as packaging materials; electrolytic capacitor materials; thermal insulation materials for buildings, vehicles, ships, houses, etc.; It can also be used as a decorative gold and silver thread, wallpaper, and various decorative labels for stationery and light industrial products.

aluminum foil products
aluminum foil products

The aluminum foil products are quite remarkable in the application of the building. It is more convenient, clean and especially beautiful when it is applied to the surface of the insulation material to reach a new height. However, the effects of different types of aluminum foil products vary greatly, such as fireproof and ordinary ones are not a grade.

What are the commonly used aluminum foil products?

1.Air conditioning foil – aluminum foil products

The air-conditioning foil is a special material for manufacturing heat exchanger fins for air conditioners, and the air-conditioning foil used in the early days is a plain foil. In order to improve the surface properties of the plain foil, an anti-corrosive inorganic coating and a hydrophilic organic coating are applied before forming to form a hydrophilic foil. The hydrophilic foil accounts for 50% of the total amount of the air-conditioning foil, and its use ratio is further increased.

2. Cigarette packaging foil – aluminum foil products

China is the world’s largest cigarette production and consumption country. There are 146 large-scale cigarette factories in China, with an annual output of 34 million large cigarettes, basically using cigarette foil packaging, of which 30% use spray foil and 70% use calendered aluminum. Foil products(automotive aluminum), calendering aluminum foil products consumption of 35,000 tons, with the increase in people’s health awareness and the impact of foreign imports of cigarettes, the growth in demand for cigarettes has slowed significantly, is expected to increase slightly.

3. Decorative foil – aluminum foil products

The decorative foil is a decorative material applied in the form of aluminum-plastic composite, which utilizes the characteristics of good colorability and high light-heat reflectivity of aluminum foil products. (radiator aluminum sheet)Mainly used for decoration of buildings, furniture and some gift boxes.

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