Automotive fender with 5182 aluminum plate

5182 aluminum alloy plate

The fender on the car can be made of 5182 aluminum plate, and the fender (fender) refers to a cover on the motor vehicle and the non-motor vehicle (a little protruding above the wheel, a small piece of semi-circular shape), and The cover, as the name implies, covers the outer shell of the motor vehicle and the non-motor vehicle. In line with fluid mechanics, reduce the drag coefficient and make the car run more smoothly.

Mingtai 5182 aluminum alloy plate advantages:

1. The surface of the 5182 alloy aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate produced has no peeling, air bubbles, rough surface and local mechanical damage, and the surface of the aluminum plate has no defects;
2. Good corrosion resistance, good cold workability and medium strength;
3. 5182 alloy aluminum plate has 6 semi-continuous casting production lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling production lines, and 44 other large processing equipments, with an annual output of 450,000.

6061 aluminum sheet (1)
6061 aluminum sheet (1)

The leaf board requires that the materials used have weathering resistance and good formability. At present, the front fenders of many automobile vehicles are made of aluminum alloy, which makes them have a certain cushioning property and is safer. The characteristics of 5182 aluminum alloy fully meet the requirements of fenders. The 5182 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, excellent processing performance and welding performance, stable mechanical properties, better cushioning performance of automobile wheels, and safer driving.

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