Color coated aluminum coil manufacturers

Color coated aluminum coil

If the quality of the colored aluminum coil is acceptable, the surface must be free of obvious dents, missing or damaged coatings, and no ripples, scratches, or air bubbles are allowed. These are easy to see. What’s more, you must look closely at the color difference of the painted aluminum coil. If you don’t pay attention, this is not easy to see, but it will affect the final decorative effect.

The main products and uses of color coated aluminum coil

The main products of Mingtai color coated aluminum coils are 1XXX, 3XXX and 5XXX series aluminum alloy coils. Mingtai 5052 coated aluminum coil is mainly used in the construction industry, interior decoration, electronic product housing, road signs and other fields.

Mingtai aluminum color coated aluminum coil has superior performance

Colorful and decorative

Mingtai color-coated aluminum coil has realistic physical sense and fresh and natural beauty. You can make patterns at will, providing customers with more personal choices and more beautiful enjoyment.

color coated aluminum coil
mingtai aluminum color coated aluminum coil

Strong weather resistance and stable color

The baking paint pattern made by high-temperature coating and baking has high gloss retention, good color stability and minimal change in color difference. Polyester paint warranty for 10 years, fluorocarbon paint warranty for more than 20 years.

color coated aluminum coil 1
color coated aluminum coil prdoucts

Color coated aluminum coil
Advanced technology, high bending resistance

Using high-quality aluminum, plastics and adhesives and advanced composite technology, under the four-season climatic conditions, changes in wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation, swelling, etc.

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