How much is 5083 marine grade aluminum sheet?

5083 marine grade aluminum sheet

The materials used in shipbuilding are indispensable for aluminum plates. For shipbuilding companies, marine grade aluminum sheets with superior corrosion resistance are particularly important. 5083 belongs to Al-Mg alloy, which has a wide range of applications. It has good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, high plasticity, good cold workability and medium strength, so it is often used in the manufacture of aircraft fuel tanks and pipes. , ships and ship sheet metal parts.

5083 aluminum plate
5083 aluminum plate

5083 marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturers

Marine grade aluminum is an important indicator to measure the comprehensive strength of aluminum processing enterprises. With the continuous improvement of the domestic aluminum sheet production process, the production scale of Henan Mingtai Aluminum’s ship plate has gradually expanded, and the types of alloys are relatively complete. The products have passed the CCS of the China Classification Society and the DNV certification of the Norwegian Classification Society, and the quality is reliable.

  1. It has professional large-scale production equipment, strong processing capability, and strong strength to provide users with quality product guarantee.
  2. The technical level is high, the processing technology is exquisite, and each production link has strict control by professionals;
  3. The production scale is large and the production capacity is high. The scale of Mingtai marine aluminum plate is continuously improved, and the annual production capacity of 200,000 tons is the market leader;
  4. international certification, reliable quality, quality assured.
5083 aluminum plate
5083 aluminum plate

5083 marine grade aluminum sheet

5083 marine grade aluminum sheet price quotes? Understand friends know that domestically available high quality marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturers are few, even if there are, the price is expensive, the quality is not guaranteed, come to Mingtai to buy, don’t worry, Henan Mingtai’s reasonable price is behind the strength of the company.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. gives you a more favorable offer for 5083 marine grade aluminum sheet. As a professional aluminum plate manufacturer, we will provide users with quality assurance, complete model specifications, and freely design more scientific and cost-effective products for you. The program is responsible for pre-sales, after-sales, and sales of timely, effective one-stop services, to better provide users with quality products, to ensure that users buy more satisfactory products at a more affordable price.

If you want to know more about marine grade aluminum sheet, please feel free to contact us at the factory. You can go directly to the factory, inspect the production workshop, understand the specific production process, and get the preferential price quickly. Please contact us.

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