Introduce the application of aluminum plate in construction

application of aluminum plate

Aluminum sheet is already a widely used product in life. We all know that aluminum sheet is an indispensable part in construction engineering. China’s architectural curtain wall project started relatively late compared to developed countries. It has a history of decades in advanced developed countries, and China only started in the early 1980s. With the continuous development of economic construction, architectural curtain wall as a high-tech product The development in the construction industry has made rapid progress.

aluminum alloy for curtain walls

With the development of aluminum alloy hidden frame curtain walls, aluminum plate curtain walls have also emerged. With the use of aluminum alloy glass curtain walls in curtain wall projects, China’s high-rise buildings are more glorious, forming various colors, and combining various materials to form beautiful curtain wall patterns.

The curtain wall panel made of aluminum plate is a form of building curtain wall. It is mostly used as the wall shield and the non-lighting wall, instead of the mosaic and glazed brick sprayed exterior wall. Due to the high-rise building body itself shaking at all times, over a long period of time, glazed tiles and mosaics are prone to fall off, and aluminum plate curtain walls are firmly suspended from aluminum alloy frames with aluminum plates. At present, the aluminum plates that can be used for curtain wall projects in the domestic construction market are roughly There are several types of composite aluminum plate, single-layer aluminum plate and honeycomb aluminum plate.

Mingtai aluminum sheet (8)
Mingtai aluminum sheet (8)

At present, there are more and more applications of architectural curtain walls in China, so we also need to pay attention to some problems in the application of aluminum plate curtain walls. The first is resistance to deformation, and the second is the connection between plates. The mechanical calculation of each important part of the curtain wall system must be in place. The effects of wind pressure, earthquake, temperature, and self-weight on the curtain wall system must be considered. Carefully check the embedded parts, connection systems, panels, keel systems and fasteners. To ensure the safety of the curtain wall.

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