Mingtai 5182 aluminum sheet is reliable in quality

Mingtai 5182 aluminum sheet

5182 aluminum sheet has applications in many fields, especially in the automotive industry. It is often used as a stamping material for automobile doors, hoods and fenders. It has the advantages of no deformation, good welding performance and no cracking.

Mingtai Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of 5182 aluminum plate. According to statistics, the 5182 aluminum sheet is still in the company’s transaction record. The use is mostly for auto parts, and the customer feedback is good. Mingtai is an aluminum plate manufacturer integrating production and sales. It can be customized according to user requirements. The thickness range is 0.15-600mm, the width is 20-2650mm, and the length is 500-16000mm. It can be made into plates or rolls, and it is subdivided into many. a different state.

5182 aluminum (4)
5182 aluminum (4)

Why is Mingtai Aluminum’s 5182 aluminum sheet sold so high?

  1. A variety of specifications are available to meet the diverse needs of customers;

2, the original factory warranty, quality reliable;

3, automotive 5182 aluminum sheet passed the SGS automotive aluminum quality management system certification;

3, source manufacturers, price concessions;

4, the logistics system is perfect, the delivery is fast, and there is no worry after sale.

5182 aluminum (2)
5182 aluminum (2)

5182 aluminum sheet price of one ton

How much is a ton of 5182 aluminum plate? Aluminium price = aluminum ingot price + processing fee. Aluminum plate manufacturers generally take the price of Changjiang aluminum ingots on the day of shipment, plus processing fees. Processing fees are mainly determined by the specific specifications, status and usage of the products, and vary from product to product. In general, the quality of the 5182 aluminum sheet of large enterprises is more secure, the delivery time is stable, and the price is more reasonable.

Mingtai Aluminum has deep processing aluminum for more than 20 years. It has complete equipment, advanced technology, complete product specifications, stable quality and reasonable price. Know the 5182 aluminum sheet. You can call or consult online customer service. We will arrange a special person to quote you. If you want to distribute the 5182 aluminum plate or buy it for your own use, you can come to Mingtai Aluminum for a field trip.

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