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Aluminum foil substrate is suitable for food packaging, capacitor manufacturing, construction, decoration, printing and other fields due to its unique moisture-proof, non-polluting and conductive properties.

1060 industrial pure aluminum foil

1060 industrial pure aluminum foil is widely used in the manufacture of gaskets, auto parts, capacitors, food packaging, electronic labels and other industries due to its high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Mingtai Aluminum has strictly controlled the 1060 aluminum foil group, performance, plate type, thickness difference and surface quality to ensure the quality of the finished product; 1060 aluminum foil 0.1mm thickness hot rolled material enjoys good in the auto parts industry. The reputation of the market is extremely high, and the production and sales volume is among the top ten in the country.

1060 aluminum foil

1070 aluminum foil with high plasticity

1070 aluminum foil, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, suitable for gaskets and capacitors made of aluminum foil.Mingtai Aluminum Metal introduces the first-class Zhuoshen foil rolling mill to ensure a good shape.Mingtai Aluminum’s 1070 aluminum foil is applied to electronic foils with a market share of over 80%. The products have stable performance and excellent quality.

1070 aluminum foil

1100 aluminum foil has good formability

1100 aluminum foil has good formability, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and certain strength. It is widely used in heat exchangers in the refrigeration industry, storage containers in the chemical and food industries, and capacitor shell materials in the electronics industry.

1100 aluminum foil

1235 aluminum foil has an aluminum content

1235 aluminum foil has an aluminum content of not less than 99.35% aluminum foil. It can process 1235 aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.018-0.5mm. It is widely used in cables and tapes because of its excellent anti-rust properties, formability and compatibility. In the battery foil.

1235 aluminum foil

3003 aluminum foil is a commonly used

3003 aluminum foil is a commonly used product of AL-Mn series alloy. This product has excellent anti-rust properties, the strength is about 10% higher than 1100, and the formability, weldability and corrosion resistance are good. It is used to process parts that require good formability and high corrosion resistance.

3003 aluminum foil

8011 aluminum foil is superior product

8011 aluminum foil is our company’s superior product. Mingtai Aluminum can process 8011 aluminum foil with thickness of 0.018-0.5mm. The aluminum foil is mainly used in pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, cable foil, milk cover material, sealing foil and other fields. Mingtai Aluminum can be customized according to customer needs. Mingtai Aluminum has a strong production capacity, with an annual production capacity of 650,000 tons of aluminum foil and foil, which is a long-term supply for many domestic and foreign companies.

8011 aluminum foil

8021 aluminum foil is one of the key products

8021 aluminum foil is one of the key products of Mingtai Aluminum. The thickness range of production is 0.018mm-0.2mm. It can be controlled to 100-1650mm according to customer’s requirements. 8021 aluminum foil is the main product of food packaging and battery soft aluminum foil. 8021 aluminum foil has excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier properties. Non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic. The aluminum foil after compounding, printing and coating is widely used as a packaging material.

8021 aluminum foil

8079 aluminum foil with high strength

8079 aluminum foil is an aluminum foil with high strength, good elongation and good stretchability. 8079 aluminum foil not only has the advantages of moisture-proof, air-tight, shading, abrasion resistance, fragrance preservation, non-toxic and tasteless, but also because it has elegant silver-white luster, it is easy to process beautiful patterns and patterns of various colors, thus making it easier. Favored by people. 8079 aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, battery soft packs and other fields.

8079 aluminum foil

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