PTP Pharmaceutical aluminum foil price

PTP Pharmaceutical aluminum foil

How much is one ton for PTP medicinal aluminum foil? The professional pharmaceutical aluminum foil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum provides you with a quote. While Mingtai offers you a quotation, it reminds you warmly: The quality of Medicine Aluminum Foil on the market is uneven, and the price difference is also Very large, when customers purchase PTP Pharmaceutical aluminum foil, they should keep their eyes open. In addition to paying attention to the price, they should review the qualifications of the suppliers in order to buy stable quality PTP Pharmaceutical aluminum foil.

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil (1)
Pharmaceutical aluminum foil (1)

Due to drug safety issues, as a packaging PTP medicine foil, there are strict requirements on product quality. Many Medicine Aluminum Foil from the small factories on the market, under the banner of the national standard, do not actually meet the national standard requirements. Many small factories are unable to meet the pinhole requirements of PTP medicine foil. The national standard requires that in the pinhole inspection, PTP Pharmaceutical aluminum foil should not have dense, continuous, periodic pinholes. PTP Pharmaceutical aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum does not have pinholes greater than 0.3mm in diameter per square meter, and the number of pinholes with a diameter of 0.1-0.3mm is less than one. Products with pinholes that do not meet the standard will be abolished.

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil (3)
Pharmaceutical aluminum foil (3)

Mingtai Aluminum is a large aluminum foil processing manufacturer. It has natural advantages in product costs. In addition, it is located in the Central Plains and has convenient transportation. The Medicine Aluminum Foil produced has a large price advantage compared with similar products in the market. And Mingtai Aluminum has 20 years of aluminum product processing experience, and is a listed company, which also guarantees product quality. Overall, Mingtai’s PTP Pharmaceutical aluminum foil has a high cost performance.

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